3A 12-07

3A 12-07

Sanitary Standards for Tubular Heat Exchangers 3-A Sanitary Standards / 16-Nov-2003 / 10 pages

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These standards cover the sanitary aspects of tubular heat exchangers without agitators. Tubular heat exchangers may have tube cross-sectional profile modifications or removable devices for promotion of desired flow characteristics. The standards do not cover high-pressure (greater than 250 psig or 1724 kPa product pressure) tubular heat exchangers which require special tubing and/or fittings.

In order to conform to these 3-A Sanitary Standards, tubular heat exchangers shall conform to the following design, material, and fabrication criteria.

This product replaces:3A 12-06 - Sanitary Standards for Tubular Heat Exchangers
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3A 12-07
3A 12-06

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